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About Neal.


I was born in Loveland, Ohio. It’s where my parents raised my brother, myself and my sister and where I’ve raised my own two children. We’ve lived in the same home I built in Loveland for 30 years.

My wife and I plan to spend the rest of our lives here enjoying all that Loveland offers. I guess you could say that my roots grow deep and my values reflect what this wonderful small town instilled in me.  We are deeply committed to seeing Loveland continue to flourish while retaining the values that we all enjoy so much.

This small town has changed so much over the years. The railroad track is now the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail. Rolke’s Feed & Seed is now a multi-use development. The Crist Theater is now where Loveland Stage Company resides. All of these changes, and many more, have made Loveland a unique place to live and visit.

One of the gifts my parents instilled in me was to always show respect to others and to have the conviction to do the right thing. Those are values that I have used the past 40+ years in various business capacities.




Over those 40+ years, I have managed large real estate property portfolios. I’ve successfully completed construction of new custom homes and extensive additions and remodeling to existing homes.  I have managed properties for the Common Plea Courts and Fortune 500 companies.

I have counseled owners on building restoration for long-term projects and client revisions to staffing requirements, management policies, rent schedules, budgets, time lines and operating plans.  Throughout my career, I have held positions of resident manager, maintenance person, site manager, property manager, senior property manager and I maintain a real estate brokers license. Today, I manage Loveland Hardware General Store and material sales for Eads  Fence Company located in the heart of historic  Loveland.

The common thread that runs through my career is building and maintaining relationships with people.

In 2005, Neal was awarded the Loveland Business Enhancement Award for remodeling this distressed Second St. Building. The pictures below showcase the building from the 1950’s to what it looked like when the remodel began and when it ended.




The influence of my parents insisting that we always show respect has given me the conviction to do what is right.

Communication and connecting with people is very important to me. After being asked many times by several people in our community to run for a seat on the Loveland City Council, I have decided to do so. I feel it is time for me to give back to the community that has meant so much to my family and me.

I have spent the majority of my life building, remodeling and managing, which has led to many great opportunities to build relationships. I want to know what is important to the people who live and work in this remarkable community. Understanding your concerns and opinions on all issues, programs, and development will help move our community in the direction we all desire.

I hope I can earn your vote on November 7th. I would be honored to work for you as a member of our city council.

“As a life long Loveland resident and Manager of a local business, Neal has a great understanding of the issues that are most important to our community. He listens to input with an open mind and always considers all stakeholders in his decisions. He is a man of great character and is committed to his neighbors and community.
During the downtown flood in March of 2017, Neal came to the rescue and showed up at our business at 6:30 am and asked, “How can I help?” He proceeded to quickly move the contents of our office and retail area to safe levels. We are so grateful to have a neighbor that cared about our business enough to help in our time of need. Without his assistance we would have lost thousands of dollars of equipment that was vital to our business. If you know Neal, you know that he steps up to help others whenever he can.
Neal would serve the people of Loveland with the highest degree of integrity and would work hard to insure a brighter future for our community.”

Mark Bersani

“I have known Neal for over 15 years. We need people like Neal on Council … he has integrity, will vote his conscience and stand up for the people of our community. Neal IS the real deal.”

Kay Bolin




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